Collaboration & Open Innovation

We are looking to drive innovations in four areas by leveraging Epson's core technologies. We will actively collaborate with business partners, create new markets through open innovation, to accelerate our initiatives.

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Inkjet Innovation - Commercial and Industrial Printers

Inkjet printing has been rapidly expanding the application not only in home and business printing but in commercial and industrial printing as well.Epson will lead the acceleration of digitization by actively selling printheads for use in a diverse and expanding range of applications.
In addition, new needs are emerging for Epson's inkjet technology in areas such as display and electronics. We will drive the creation of new markets not only by providing printheads but also by embracing open innovation.

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Inkjet Innovation - Creating new printing services

The rapid advance of digitization has brought major changes in customer touch points, and the emergence of new touch points has caused new printing needs to emerge.
Durable high-capacity ink tank printers that can print in high volumes at low cost are advantageous in that, for example, they require less frequent maintenance. In addition, Epson provides an environment that links customers with printers through Epson Connect, a mobile cloud service platform.
While taking advantage of these, we will collaborate with partners who have various services and ideas and promote open innovation to create new customized printing services and contribute to building the social infrastructure for printing.

Visual Innovation - Smart Glasses

We have worked with partners in the past to try to use smart glasses in a variety of applications, but we will more actively pursue initiatives.
We will look to expand the range of uses for smart glasses by external sales of Epson's silicon OLED optical engine modules and providing software for major growth applications, such as drones and remote support applications.
Epson will continue to advance its OLED and optics technologies in order to provide competitive products and modules.

Robotics Innovation

We will actively collaborate to further strengthen robotics product competitiveness and will employ technology such as artificial intelligence and IoT to improve usability.These initiatives will enable us to enter the collaborative robot market in addition to expanding our presence in existing robot markets.

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